Metadata Extraction and Use

  • Meta data extraction is automatically applied on all incoming/received data files.
  • MetaMed application is used for meta data extraction.
  • Sparkle is desktop application can be used for building SPARQL queries.
  • Sparkle WebView is part of Sparkle. It is a web-based JavaScript application that can be used for building SPARQL queries in a visual way in your web browser. You have to use your own SPARQL Endpoint instead of the default one if you are not a member.

By maximizing the use of ontology, the user interface can be as dynamic as possible and can be quickly and easily changed/extended or adapted to the new domain of interest or purpose of use.

  • Web Form Generator provides a very fast way to use ontology (OWL) to produce structured and validated RDF data using modern responsive HTML5 web forms.
  • Query Builder web-based application can be used for building SPARQL queries for temporal data.
  • Ontology list specifies any ontology internally used for metadata. All users can use own or any other existing ones in their projects.