Project Modules

This project has declared the following modules:

Name Description
MRE Core MRE Core is the basis of the MRE project.
Sparkle Sparkle is a graphical SPARQL editor application used to help its users with creation and evaluation of SPARQL queries. The graphical SPARQL query editor application is an interactive JavaFX open source application.
Pure Image Decide if image is without readable text (pure) or make it pure by this tool. PureImage classifies image into the one of three categories - clean, text or identification. Recognized identification you can remove by enabling de-identification. It removes protected text from images by blanking them. It is designed for DICOM burned-in annotation de-identification. It specialises to DICOM files, but can work with a lot of other image file formats, too.
MRE Library MRE Library is shared and commonly used library by other MRE modules.
AnonMed AnonMed is a non-interactive rules-based heterogeneous data de-identification tool. It is simple to use from command line. AnonMed can be even used for anonymiation purposes or making files blind, which depends on the file format. Debian package contains command anonmed.
DASTA Code-lists to RDF/OWL DASTA Code-list conversion to RDF/OWL tool. It is intended to solve interoperability issues with the DASTA format. The DASTA standard is used not only for a medical (clinical) data. This data and converted DASTA code-lists are used for a research purposes.
MRE Browser Browse MRE data
MRE Ontology Ontologies and Vocabularies used by MRE project. Contain generated Java code for ontology resources and properties.
MetaMed MetaMed is a metadata extraction tool for heterogenous data in a different file formats. It is a non-interactive command line open source application. MetaMed can be also useful as a simple SPARQL query tool and even as a RDF file serialisation format converter. Supported file formats: DASTA, DICOM, SITS (CSV, XML); image/multimedia files and file system directory structure can be indexed to RDF, too. Debian package contains commands: metamed, metamed-bigmem, mrecsv2html, mrecsvDir2Html, mrehash, mrequery and mreuri.
MetaMed Extractor MetaMed Extractor library.
MetaMed Extractor Generic Module with Generic file support for MetaMed.
MetaMed Extractor DASTA Module with DASTA support for MetaMed.
MetaMed Extractor DICOM Module with DICOM support for MetaMed.
MetaMed Extractor DirectoryStructure Module with DirectoryStructure description support for MetaMed.
MetaMed Extractor Image Module with image support for MetaMed.
MetaMed Extractor Miscelaneous Module with miscelaneous extractors for MetaMed.
MetaMed Extractor SITS Module with SITS support for MetaMed.
MRE De-identification Server Server for heterogenous data de-identification.
MRE Datastore Server Server for storing heterogeneous data for research purposes.