About AnonMed

AnonMed is a non-interactive rules-based heterogeneous data de-identification tool for a command line. It is possible to use AnonMed to de-identify data, make data anonymous, or e.g. make blind copy of data for a clinical study.

Main features

  • non-interactive run,
  • change original file,
  • store de-identified file to output directory,
  • remove original file when de-identification is done,
  • change even the name of the output file,
  • integrated support:
    • medical data support, e.g. DASTA, DICOM, HL7, glucose data,
    • spreadsheet document XLS, XLSX and CSV,
    • XML.
  • a profile is specific per file format,
  • profile can use different rules, e.g. EMPTY, ENCRYPT/DECRYPT, CHANGE, REMOVE or KEEP,
  • profile/configuration is in a single text file (CSV),
  • you can define multiple profiles, but actually used is only the one of them,
  • profiles default behavior is to store example ones in ./profile.d/ directory,
  • you can use a single file from ./profile.d/,
  • the example final profile file is generated automatically on deploy task and attached to both, DEB and ZIP, files.