AnonMed is a command-line Java application.


You need to have installed Java Platform, Standard Edition (Java SE) JRE 1.8+. First, download JRE and install it if you do not have installed Java on your computer yet).

AnonMed Version

The latest AnonMed stable version is 2018.7.

How to Install AnonMed:

  • On GNU/Debian Linux, it is possible to use the prepared Deb package.
    1. Download Download the latest DEB file (Debian package)
    2. On Debian Linux, install using command:
      dpkg -i anonmed_2018.7-1_all.deb

      It is installed in the /usr/share/lib/anonmed/ directory with system configuration in /etc/mre/anonmed/.

    3. You can use AnonMed by typing command: anonmed. Please, see Usage for information how to use it.
  • On other platforms, use the ZIP file.
    1. Download Download the latest ZIP file
    2. Extract files from the downloaded archive using e.g. unzip or 7zip.
    3. Go into the created directory
      cd anonmed-2018.7/
    4. Run AnonMed
      • by typing command ./ and see the output. This script will print more details and create configuration files with input directory ./data/, when executed for the first time.
      • or by execution of command:
        java -jar anonmed-2018.7.jar <<<options>>>

How to Use

Please, see Usage for information how to use AnonMed.