usage: java -Xms512m -Xmx2048m  -jar metamed-2018.7.jar [-d <dir>]
       [-ds <code>] [-e <file>] [-ef <format>] [-empty] [-fs <rootdir> |
       -mem | -virt <auth>] [-h] [-i <file>] [-if <format>] [-list <file>]
       [-m <name>]  [-o <dir>] [-of <fmt>] [-p <extractor:priority>] [-pm
       <file>] [-q <file>] [-r <file>] [-s] [-tc <count>] [-tmm] [-v]


-d,--input-data dir
Input data directory or file. The whole directory is process recursively.
-ds,--data-source code
Set the data source name.
-e,--export file
Export the whole graph to a file.
-ef,--export-format format
File serialization format for an output RDF file.
Empty the graph.
-fs,--graph-file-system rootdir
Graph is in-memory only, but it is automatically backed from/to file system root directory. You have to specify a root directory for graph. Graph is always backed to the root directory. You can use -e -ef which will duplicate output to an another serialization file format. Please be patient, the graph is written twice in this case.
-g,--graph name
Set the graph name. The graph name a mandatory option for all supported operations. (default is 'metamedGraph')
Print this message.
-i,--import file
Import RDF files(s) to the graph.
-if,--import-format format
Import serialization format for RDF files(s).
-list,--file-list file
List of input data files for (selective) processing in the file. Each file name (relative or absolute) path is on one line. An input data (-d) option can append additional files for processing.
Graph is in-memory only and it is destroyed when application exits. You can use -e there which will output the graph to a file serialization (-ef) you need. It is useful e.g. for a conversion between two serialization formats. (default)
-o,--output dir
Output directory. Query results will be stored there with an appropriate file extension based on an output format.
-of,--output-format fmt
Output format - csv, json, ...
-p,--priority extractor:priority
Extractor class priority. The syntax is extractor class name or code, colon, priority. Priority is a positive integer number. Default value is 0. It is possible to disable Extractor using priority value 'disabled'.
-pm,--prefix-map file
Export an application built-in prefix map into a text file.
-q,--query file
File or directory with files that contains a SPARQL query string. Prefixes are append automatically to each query.
-r,--remove file
Remove statements from the graph. One statement per line. Subject, predicate and value are divided by a tabulator char only. Only URI out prefixes are allowed. Any content in s, p or o is possible when you use ? or $ char (before name).
Print graph size.
-tc,--thread-count count
Number of threads used for input files meta data extraction. One thread is a default value.
Enable merging graphs when more threads are used. It is automatically enabled when running queries or removing any statements. It is more efficient work out merging when you are extracting meta data.
Verbose output.
-virt,--graph-virtuoso auth
Graph is in Virtuoso database. You have to specify a connection configuration property file.